Mental health stigma is a growing concern in Hong Kong

Thank you to all those who attended the Hong Kong Mental Health Conference 2017. To see highlights from this event, watch our wrap video here.

In 2014, a group of doctors formed The Patient Care Foundation (PCF), a Hong Kong-based charity whose aim is to improve local health care in a number of different areas. PCF identified several groups of vulnerable people, one of them being those with mental health problems. In partnership with Mind UK, an established charity with a mission to support and empower anyone with mental health issues, PCF launched Mind HK. Together with the Hong Kong College of Psychiatrists, The next step in the journey toward de-stigmatising mental health in Hong Kong is to gather experts for the sharing of knowledge and best practice at an international Conference.

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HKMHC 2017 isn’t just for academics or those in the healthcare industry

The Hong Kong Mental Health Conference is an innovative, global forum that aims to bring together a host of disciplines including corporations, educators, insurers, government representatives, health and human resource professionals, public health specialists, media, caregivers, NGOs and many more for the purpose of generating practical and actionable solutions to mental health issues with a view to making the subject a less taboo one. One in four people worldwide suffers from a minor mental health difficulty and one in ten suffers from a serious disorder. The objective of the Conference is to de-stigmatise mental health problems, encourage the discussion of wellbeing solutions and share innovation, with the view to changing attitudes toward mental health in Hong Kong and beyond.

HKMHC 2017 will be built around keynote sessions from renowned, subject-matter experts and will highlight speakers with experience at dealing with mental health challenges across a number of different arenas. Tailored panel and workshop sessions, including research and poster presentations, will be combined with networking opportunities and an evening reception. The final day of the conference will be open to individuals with mental health diagnoses and their families, combining the opportunity to learn about mental health conditions in a safe and non-stigmatising environment with a marketplace of local organisations and initiatives that these individuals may access.


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Important Information & Location
We look forward to welcoming you to the Hong Kong Mental Health Conference. Whether you live locally or are travelling from abroad, please review the information to ensure a smooth and pleasant arrival to the event.