Dr. Edwin Lee

Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Hong Kong University

 Dr. Lee is a Clinical Assistant Professor of the Department of Psychiatry, the University of Hong Kong. He specializes in the field of psychosis with major interests in 1) Psychopharmacology and pharmacoepidemiology, 2) Exercise and cognitive interventions, 3) Neurocognitive science and neuroimaging and 4) Stigma and social psychiatry.

In recent years, Dr Lee has conducted a series of studies to investigate various metabolic effects of antipsychotics. These investigations have provided important information on the differential metabolic effects of antipsychotics and the current situation in Hong Kong, with long term implications to our health care system.

In order to promote physical health in mental illness, his team collaborated with the University of British Columbia to explore the neurocognitive and physical effects of yoga and aerobic exercise.  His team collaborated with Hong Kong Early Psychosis Foundation (EPISO) to organize a territory-wide FitMind campaign to promote the benefits of exercise in people with psychosis in Hong Kong. This campaign has received support from the Food Health Bureau and University of Hong Kong, and was awarded the Outstanding District Efforts Award in the 2016 HSBC Community Partnership Programme.


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