Dr. Robyn Ho

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 After graduating from medical school in London, United Kingdom, Dr. Ho started her psychiatric training at the Maudsley and South London National Health Services Trust. She returned to Hong Kong in 2005 and continued her training at Castle Peak Hospital. She became a Specialist in Psychiatry in 2008. She attained a Master in Social Sciences (Criminology) in 2010.

Dr. Ho has a special interest in Forensic Psychiatry all along. From 2005 until August 2012, Dr. Ho worked in the only Department of Forensic Psychiatry in Hong Kong. She has assessed and managed over 2500 forensic psychiatric patients both in Castle Peak Hospital and Siu Lam Psychiatric Centre. She has written more than 2000 psychiatric reports for court. She was appointed as an expert witness for numerous trials in Magistrate, District and High Courts of HKSAR.

Dr. Ho’s research interest is in violent risk assessment and management of psychiatric patients. She is the first person to introduce structured professional judgement (SPJ) violent risk assessment tools in Hong Kong and to validate internationally the most researched SPJ violent risk assessment tool, HCR-20, as well as another SPJ tool, START, in a Chinese population.. She was one of the core members in violence assessment and management working group for Department of Forensic Psychiatry and was the principle trainer for these tools in the Department of Forensic Psychiatry and had trained over 100 mental health professionals in using these tools.

In May 2015, Dr Ho became one of the core members of the Global Institute of Forensic Research (GIFR) International Affiliate Program.


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