Mental health care in Hong Kong falls woefully short amid social stigma and lack of policy direction
14 May 2017
Mental health has been in the news lately. After the World Health ­Organi­sation last month announced a year-long campaign to raise awareness about depression, Britain’s Prince Harry spoke openly about his stifled grief and near-mental breakdown following the death of his ...
Long waiting times at Hong Kong public hospitals for mentally ill patients
20 March 2017
Low medical manpower coupled with surging demand see wait times of up to more than three years. Patients with mental illness need to wait up to more than three years to see a doctor at public hospitals because medical manpower has failed to meet surging demand for such services. A review of ...
For a better approach to mental well-being, Hong Kong society needs to work together
18 January 2017
Paul Yip hopes the next chief executive will use innovative methods and community resources to address mental health concerns in a shared society ideal. Mental health is one of the major public concerns in our city. The first-ever Hong Kong Mental Morbidity Survey, which interviewed more than ...
Hong Kong needs a fresh look at mental health services
18 November 2016
The World Health Organization (WHO) had warned as far back as 2000 that depression could become the second leading cause of disease and disability in the world by 2020. Despite the stark warning, the Hong Kong government failed to conduct any population-based survey of mental disorders in the ...
Hong Kong’s Mental Health Crisis
28 June 2016
Hong Kong residents struggling with depression, anxiety, or mental disabilities all too often have nowhere to turn. Imagine you’re stressed and anxious to the point of needing help. Maybe it’s depression—job burnout, divorce, or even the death of a loved one. And now, the next ...
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