Conference Streams
Thursday 22th June 2017

1. Mental Health in Educational Settings

How are Hong Kong and the region addressing mental health issues in school settings from primary through university level? What are the specific problems that exist in Hong Kong (suicide, “Tiger Moms,” disparity of support services between the public system and private international schools, accommodation or lack thereof for mental health problems rising to a disability level, over-diagnosis or missed diagnosis, mental health literacy in schools, introduction of positive mental health strategies and programs in schools including anxiety management/mindfulness). What specific problems and solutions exist within the education community in Hong Kong?

2. Mental Health and Healthcare

How are public and private Hong Kong and regional medical professionals dealing with patients with mental health problems? What research has been done to explore this issue?  How can innovations and learning from other parts of the world benefit Hong Kong and Asia? What societal and cultural roadblocks exist in Hong Kong? How can the private and public sectors work together to create solutions to de-stigmatize mental health problems in our community?

3. Mental Health in the Work Place

How does mental health impact business on an individual, team and company level? What are companies doing to encourage or limit their employees from accessing support and services? How widespread is this issue within global institutions and how does it impact their bottom line? This will also include a discussion of stress in the workplace and how it is a cause of wider problems.  The City Mental Health Alliance (CMHA) will be launched with discussion about next steps for any employers interested in participating. More information about CMHA can be found below.

4. Mental Health and the Elderly

How are caregivers and family members providing support to those with mental problems and deterioration in the elderly population? What resources are available to this population segment to address their unique mental health needs? Do caregivers such as domestic foreign workers have the proper training to care for elderly people with mental health difficulties? What infrastructure is needed to provide quality services to the aging population expands in Hong Kong?

5. Mental Health and the Media

What is the media’s role in the stigma around mental health in Hong Kong and the region? How can the media contribute to evolving attitudes around mental health problems and promote the cultural normalization of these issues? The conference welcomes perspectives from journalists, performers, TV/radio personalities, artists and others to discuss their experiences and views on this topic. It will also allow professionals in the arts to share how their work can contribute to increasing awareness, decreasing stigma and promoting recovery and wellbeing.

6. Mental Health and Legal System/Policy Making

What is the impact of public policy on mental health consumers/medical providers and charitable organizations? How does policy and legislation shape the public’s view of mental health issues? What is being done locally and globally on a policy level to promote de-stigmatization?  What are the political ramifications of mental health stigma?

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