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Theme of 2020

Youth in Focus

The Hong Kong Mental Health Conference 2020 will take place as planned on November 6th and 7th 2020. The second of Mind HK’s triennial conferences will focus on youth mental health and will showcase the best local and international research, innovation and best practice. The Hong Kong Youth Summit will follow the conference and take place on November 8. With the theme “Resilience: Supporting each other and ourselves” the summit seeks to engage youth.

The conference and summit will be delivered in both an online and in-person format, in English and Cantonese, in order to allow everyone with an interest in youth mental health to experience the exceptional line up of world-renowned speakers. Participants will gain access to a state of the art, interactive, digital programme and will have the option to express interest in attending in person at Centricity, Central, Hong Kong (subject to public gathering restrictions).


Our Speakers


The Conference & Youth Summit

6/11 Hong Kong Time

09 : 15
The Next Wave of Youth Mental Health Reform
Prof. Patrick McGorry, Executive Director, Orygen
11 : 15
Perinatal Mental Health: Understanding and Improving Outcomes for the Infant
Prof. Anne Buist, University of Melbourne
13 : 30
Creating Mentally Healthy Work Environments
14 : 45
SPACE: Parent-Based Treatment for Childhood Anxiety Disorders
Prof. Eli Lebowitz, Yale Child Study Center

7/11 Hong Kong Time

09 : 15
Keynote session
Dr. Laurie Santos, Professor of Psychology, Yale
11 : 30
Dr. Mirjana Subotic-Kerry, Black Dog Institute
12 : 30
Early School Days
Prof. Ron Rapee, Director, Centre for Emotional Health
13 : 30
Good Stress vs Bad Stress in Education: What's the Difference?
Dr Jared Cooney Horvath, Director, LME Global

8/11 Hong Kong Time

14 : 15
Your Brain, Your Life
Dr Jared Horvath, Educational Neuroscientist
14 : 55
Breakout Sessions
Various Speakers
16 : 15
Mental Health Activism: Youth Working Towards a Mentally Healthy Hong Kong
English and Cantonese Sessions
17 : 10
Resilience: Supporting Each Other & Ourselves
Youth Summit Ambassadors
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Please stay tuned to our website and platform for the latest announcements and arrangements. Sign up here for updates on the conference and early bird prices on tickets.


Please sign up here for updates on the conference and early bird prices on tickets.

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