Speakers on 6/11

Neuropsychologist, Child Mind Institute

Kenya Hameed, PsyD, is a clinical neuropsychologist with the Learning and Development Center of the Child Mind Institute. Dr. Hameed has an extensive background providing neuropsychological assessments and therapy services to children with ADHD and comorbid learning, emotional and behavioral disorders.

The passion that Dr. Hameed brings to her work as a neuropsychologist is fueled by seeing the difference she makes in the quality of life for children and their families. Helping children reach their highest potential in conjunction with family and community supports is her priority. Dr. Hameed’s training and experience have taken her around the country, and she has helped children and their families from all walks of life. She specializes in honing in on each child’s individual strengths and weaknesses within the context of their environment and working to ensure families receive tailored recommendations to address their child’s needs.

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