What we want to focus on

Over the last two years, our team has found youth mental health to be the most pressing need, with the youth suicide rate on the rise and over 53% of Hong Kong’s secondary school students showing symptoms of depression. 75% of all mental health problems arising before the age of 24; improved prevention initiatives and early intervention programs for Hong Kong youth will have a profound impact. The 2020 conference will focus on youth mental health, in order to scale up existing programs, introduce new youth mental health initiatives, foster impactful partnerships, and most importantly translate international and local best-practices into concrete programmes to promote and improve youth mental health in Hong Kong.

We have come up with a number of themes, which cohesively covers this. Speakers will join us to talk on the topics ranging from perinatal health to young people transitioning into the workplace, to ensure all age-ranges and vital periods are covered. Further details below: