Our Programme

What we have planned

The virtual Hong Kong Mental Health Conference, on November 6 and 7 2020, will feature local and international speakers in the field of mental health sharing their expertise in youth mental health. The event will be held in an online format, attendees can also express interest in attending a selection of live keynote sessions in person. Ticket holders will be able to access session contents on-demand 6 months after the conference. Clinical professionals, educators, NGO staff, social service, school administrators, students and those interested in youth mental health are welcome to join.

The Hong Kong Youth Summit will take place on November 8 and will be open to adolescents, young adults, and parents. With the theme “Resilience: Supporting each other and ourselves” the summit seeks to engage youth through interactive workshops, panel discussions, stories of lived experience, and more, in a virtual format. Ticket holders will be able to access session contents on-demand 6 months after the summit. Further details here.


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6/11 Hong Kong Time

09 : 15
The Next Wave of Youth Mental Health Reform
Prof. Patrick McGorry, Executive Director, Orygen
10 : 15
Perinatal Mental Health: Understanding and Improving Outcomes for the Infant
Prof. Anne Buist, Professor Women’s Mental Health, Austin Health
10 : 15
Digital Media and Parent-Child Interaction: Implications for Social-emotional Development
Dr Jenny Radesky, University of Michigan Medical School, American Academy of Pediatrics, Society for Pediatric Research
10 : 15
Parent-based Interventions for Child Behaviour Management
Dr Deborah Gross, Professor, John Hopkins University
10 : 15
Uncertainty and Resilience in LGBTQ Youth: From Ally to Accomplice LGBTQ
Dr Joey Bonafacio, Paediatrician, St. Michael's Hospital, University of Toronto
10 : 15
Collaborating to Improve Youth Mental Health: Lessons from Ontario, Canada
Dr Joanna Henderson, Director, Margaret and Wallace McCain Centre for Child, Youth and Family Mental Health, CAMH, Center for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), University of Toronto
11 : 30
Focus on Global Perinatal Mental Health and the impact of COVID-19
Dr Karen Joash, Consultant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Obstetric Lead for Perinatal Mental Health, Imperial NHS Healthcare Trust | Dr Holly Lewis, MRCOG PhD DRH, Imperial NHS Trust
11 : 30
The Importance of Maternal Mental Health to Support Positive Child Development
Dr Kwok Hung Ku, Consultant, Kwai Chung Hospital | Ms Iris Wong, Clinical Psychologist, Kwai Chung Hospital
11 : 30
Practical Strategies to Address Behavioral and Emotional Difficulties in Children with ADHD
Dr Kenya Hameed, Neuropsychologist, Child Mind Institute
11 : 30
Childhood Stressors and Child Wellbeing
Dr Grace Ho, Assistant Professor, School of Nursing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Johns Hopkins School of Nursing | Dr Wong Hiu Lei, Lilian, Secretary General, Hong Kong Paediatric Foundation
11 : 30
CATCh-uS Before We Fall: Transitional Care for Young People with ADHD into Adult Life
Dr Tamsin Ford, Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, the University of Cambridge
11 : 30
Youth Mental Health in Hong Kong: An Update
Professor Eric Chen
12 : 30
CMHA HK Panel: How Can Workplaces Equip Young People to Thrive from the Start in their Early Careers and Beyond?
Sofia Nordengren, Regional Learning and Development Manager Asia, DLA Piper | Jay Hou, Head of Global Mobility & Benefits, Group Human Resources, Jardine Matheson | Catherine Loui, Co-Head of Aisa Human Resources, Morgan Stanley | Winnie Tsien, Head of Human Resources, Hong Kong, Macau & Taiwan, JLL | Hannah McLeod, Head of Marketing and Strategy, City Mental Health Alliance
13 : 45
The Importance of Advocating for Better Maternal Mental Health to Support Positive Child Development
Dr Lucy Lord, MB Bchir (Cantab),FRCOG,FHKAM, Mind HK, Central Health Medical Practice | Dr Angela Sin | Dr. Lilian Wong, General Secretary, The Hong Kong Paediatric Foundation
13 : 45
SPACE: Parent-Based Treatment for Childhood Anxiety Disorders
Dr Eli Lebowitz, Associate Professor and Director Program for Anxiety Disorders at the Child Study Center, Yale Child Study Center, Yale University
15 : 00
Care4ALL Programme – A Public Mental Health Campaign Launched by the Hong Kong College of Psychiatrists
Dr Roger Ng, President, Hong Kong College of Psychiatrists
16 : 00
Cultures and Mental Health of the Youth
Dr Dinesh Bhugra, Professor Emeritus of Mental Health and Cultural Diversity, King's College London

7/11 Hong Kong Time

09 : 15
Fostering Student Mental Health: Insights from the Record-Breaking Science of Well-Being Class at Yale
Dr Laurie Santos, Professor of Psychology, Yale
10 : 15
Is School Making our Youth Unwell: Redefining Success
Dr May Lam, Vice Presidents, HKCP | Dr Jacqueline Wolf, Clinical Psychologist | Ms Sky Siu, Executive Director, KELY Support Group
11 : 30
Recognising and Managing Anxiety in Young People: The Cool Kids Programs
Prof. Ron Rapee, Professor of Psychology and Australian Research Council Laureate Fellow, Macquarie University
11 : 30
Experiences from the Frontlines
Joe Chan, Chief Social Work Officer (Rehabilitation and Medical Social Services), Social Welfare Department | Ms Lam Yick Man, Senior Manager Youth Services, St. James’ Settlement
11 : 30
HEADSTRONG – Empowering Youth to Inspire Change
Mrs Fiona Haynes, Coordinator Mental Health Comission of Canada, HEADSTRONG - Mental Health Comission of Canada | Mr Nathan Ip, Program Manager, HEADSTRONG - Mental Health Commission of Canada
11 : 30
Smooth Sailing: A New Online Mental Health Service for Secondary School Students in Australia
Dr Mirjana Subotic-Kerry, Research Program Manager, Adjunct Associate Lecturer, Black Dog Institute
11 : 30
Understanding University Student Depressive Experiences
Dr Erin Barker, Associate Professor of Psychology, Concordia University
11 : 30
Student Mental Health Support Scheme (SMHSS)
Dr Phyllis Chan, Chief of Service, Department of Psychiatry, Queen Mary Hospital, Hong Kong College of Psychiatry | Mr Lam Chai-wai Nick, Counselling Master, King's College | Ms Rio Cheung, Educational Psychologist, Education Bureau
13 : 30
You Got This: Helping our Students to Manage Anxiety at School
Dr Melissa Ortega Giglio, PsyD, Clinical Psychologist, Child Development Team, Hong Kong International School
13 : 30
Making it Happen: Working Towards LGBTQ Inclusivity
Ms Bhavna Bharvani, Clinical Counsellor, Central Minds | Ms Odile Thiang, Anti-Stigma Project Coordinator, Teaching Fellow, Mind HK, Hong Kong PolyU
13 : 30
Believe and Achieve: School-Based Mental Health Initiatives
Dr Rosanna Lau, Clinical Psychologist, Kwai Chung Hospital, Hospital Authority | HKIS MS Counselling team
15 : 00
The Incredible Years Programme: A Potential Public Mental Health Intervention for Schools?
Dr Tamsin Ford, Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, University of Cambridge
16 : 00
Good Stress vs. Bad Stress in Education: What's the Difference?
Dr Jared Cooney Horvath, Director, LME Global

8/11 Hong Kong Time

13 : 15
Your Brain, Your Life
Dr Jared Horvath, Educational Neuroscientist
13 : 55
Diversity & Inclusion in Mental Health Advocacy: Kindness is Key
Swathi Shanmukhasundara, Founder of the Vermillion Project, The Vermilion Project
13 : 55
Breaking Boxes: A Story of Recovery and Discovery
Stephanie Ng, Founder of Body Banter, Body Banter, Duke University, Columbia University
13 : 55
Vulnerability and Performance: A Journey Growing Up In Hong Kong
Yvette Kong, Olympic Swimmer, Board Member, Mind HK
13 : 55
Dear Stranger: A Journey of Youth Mental Health
Diana Chao, Founder & Executive Director of Letters to Strangers, Letters to Strangers, Active Minds Mental Health Speaker, Adobe Global Top Talent, Princeton University
14 : 35
Stigma in Society
Nicholas Patrick, Host Ekho Academy, Ekho Academy, National Council of Social Services’ (NCSS)
14 : 35
The Power of Campaigns
Wayne Chau, Founder & Chairman, Agent of Change Foundation, Agent of Change Foundation, University of Turku, University of Lapland
14 : 35
Overcoming Cultural Stigma: Partnering to Help (Youths with Mental Health Distress)
CHAT Team, Community Health Assessment Team (CHAT), Community Health Assessment Team (CHAT), Institute of Mental Health (IMH)
14 : 35
The #chatsafe Project: Young People, Social Media, and Suicide Prevention
Dr Jo Robinson, Associate Professor at Orygen, Orygen, The Centre for Youth Mental Health, The University of Melbourne
15 : 15
Dare to Dream: Youth Transforming their Community
Various Speakers
16 : 10
Resilience: Supporting Each Other and Ourselves
Youth Summit Ambassadors
16 : 10
Unleash Your Superpower: Become Smarter, Stronger, and more Resilient with Mindfulness
Viv Kan, Founder of Kan Elevate, Kan Elevate
16 : 50
Reimagining Mental Wellbeing Through Performance
Dr Adelina Ong, Visiting Lecturer, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, Brunel University London and Wimbledon College of Art
17 : 20
A Call for Action